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2019/03/22 The Doctor Is Out! Matt Cohen Reveals Why He’s Leaving ‘General Hospital’

After a three-year stint as an angsty priest-turned-neurosurgeon on General Hospital, Matt Cohen, who plays Dr. Griffin Munro, is checking out of the ABC soap. His last air date is Friday, March 22.

The actor has had many stories during his Port Charles tenure and although his TV dad Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan) was killed off a while back, the two actors managed to share screen-time when Duke appeared as an apparition in 2017.

Cohen says his exit is amicable and the door is being left open for his return. He’s tackling directing next, helming the film Mama Bear, which is already getting positive response as a short at festivals. It stars Cohen’s wife, Mandy Musgrave (whom veteran Days of Our Lives fans may recall as the original Chelsea). (more…)

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2019/02/21 Interview: Matt Cohen Talks ‘Mama Bear’ – Favorite Character, Directing, and Working with Mandy

On February 15th 2019, Nerds and Beyond had the honor of being invited to the first ever screening of Matt Cohen’s Mama Bear. The screening was packed full of family, friends, cast, and crew. It was a magical evening (you can read about the night and a review of the short film here.) After the screening ended we were able to pull the ecstatic director aside and ask him a few questions about the film’s process and his experiences.

Nerds and Beyond: Now that the short is completed and being shown to an audience, what are your feelings on it? Was it everything you’d hoped it’d be? How was the process, from beginning to end for you?

Matt Cohen: Yes, and yes, it’s everything I hoped it to be. Everything I wanted it to be. And the process was chaos, you know, I didn’t know what I was doing, but I studied as hard as I could, I took as many notes as I could from the friends that I could take notes from. And then I committed to a vision, and my crew committed to me and my vision, and fucking-a we made it. I don’t know how, but it’s here and it’s great. I think I’m going to screen it in a movie theater. Like a big big movie theater. Whoever shows up is allowed in. People need to see it for all it’s worth if we’re allowed. (more…)

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2018/10/17 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Matt Cohen Talks Directing and Launching Indiegogo Campaign for Short Film ‘Mama Bear’

Matt Cohen dropped some big news today – he’s launching a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo to direct a short film, titled Mama Bear! We got the opportunity to sit down with Matt and he told us all about it!

The short was written by Lee Ehlers and Matt will direct it. The short, as Matt told us, has a female main character that, “has 24 hours to save her four year old and find him a liver transplant, and the only viable donor is the ex-kingpin/drug lord/piece of s*** boyfriend of hers.” Matt talked about wanting to see a kick-ass female on screen, and wanting it to feel like, “the female Punisher in a sense.” It’s slated to be a short film, which he hopes will eventually turn into a feature-length film.

Mama Bear will star Matt’s wife, the incredibly talented Mandy Musgrave (South of Nowhere, Kings of Con) as the title character. He told us that he was excited to showcase Mandy’s return back to acting. He could not rave about her enough, and we’re so excited to see Mandy’s return! (more…)

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2018/04/26 ‘General Hospital’ Star Matt Cohen on GrAva’s Future & Returning to ‘Supernatural’

Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) is stuck between a rock and a hard place these days on ABC’s daytime drama, General Hospital.

Fans of the long-running soap know that former priest Griffin is in his first real romantic relationship with Ava (Maura West), and while they’ve hit their share of bumps in the road, they’re working hard to make their union work. Griffin also has an allegiance to mobster Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Bernard) that could end up being a big problem given the fact that Sonny’s Alzheimers-ridden father Mike (Max Gail) recently kidnapped Ava and Sonny’s daughter, Avery (Ava and Grace Scarola).

As we saw on Friday’s episode, Avery was recovered unharmed. And while Sonny contends Mike didn’t actually kidnap the child, Ava isn’t having it and is also not going to let their daughter go to a home where Mike is also living. Will Griffin be able to reason with both sides to keep everyone happy? Or could it cost him one relationship — or maybe both? (more…)

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2018/01/25 Video: Interview with

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2017/05/06 Interview with

We’re bringing you a great interview today with Matt Cohen. He’s most known for his roles as Aiden on South of Nowhere, Young John Winchester/Michael on Supernatural, Matt Cochran on Kings of Con and as Griffin Munro on General Hospital. More recently, he’s been on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders as Ryan Garrett, the son of the main character Jack Garrett (played by Gary Sinise).

Matt is also known for his interaction with fans; he regularly interacts with fans on social media. Matt usually posts a positive quote or photo every day, tagging it “#you”. Fans have really gravitated towards this and responded with a lot of love and positivity. Fans have also run various campaigns for Matt, being a force of support for someone they admire. They’ve rallied for him to appear as Superman on Supergirl and have also campaigned for him as Nightwing, making fan art and more.

Matt is also a favorite at Creation Entertainment‘s Supernatural conventions which he regularly attends. At the conventions, he’s also the “Co-Karaoke King” with Richard Speight Jr. These two headline the Friday Night Karaoke Party at the conventions, which have a 2017 theme called “Dick & Matt’s Fandom Fun House” and features Rob Benedict, Ruth Connell and more. (more…)

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2015/11/25 ‘Supernatural’s Matt Cohen chats family and being back on set

Supernatural fans caught their breath when Sam Winchester awoke to none other than Young John Winchester at the wheel of the Impala. Vision or not, hot actor Matt Cohen can make a guest appearance any time and have viewers gasping with joy. Besides touring the Supernatural convention circuit, he has been busy with his role on How to Get Away with Murder and raising his seven month old son alongside his wife actress Mandy Musgrave. This South Florida raised actor is best known for his roles on Supernatural, Criminal Minds, The OC, NCIS: LA, and the filmography goes on.

Q. Supernatural fans were thrilled when Sam woke up to find you at the wheel of the Impala. As far as fans are concerned, you can appear in the brother’s visions ANY time! What was it like back on the set? Any shenanigans?

A: “It was a real whirlwind being back there only because I was coming off of an all-nighter on the set of How to Get Away with Murder and then shooting all day on “SPN” and going straight to a SPN Convention. I was only in Vancouver 19 hours from the time I touched down, went through customs and permitting, did a wardrobe fitting, hair and makeup, paperwork and contracts, rehearsal, shooting, dinner, sleep and back to the airport. There were sadly no shenanigans because there simply wasn’t enough time to screw around and make quality TV. I loved being back. Everyone everywhere knows that SPN is my family. I would work on that show for free and without lines just to make an appearance for the fans. It is all love for the fans doing what we do on that show and it is because of the love in return that we are still around 11 seasons later.” (more…)

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2015/10/31 What ‘Supernatural’s’ surprise Matt Cohen return means for Sam


While the star of the latest “Supernatural” episode — “Baby” — was undoubtedly the Impala, there was one familiar face that surely delighted longtime fans of the series.

After last appearing in Season 5, Matt Cohen returned as the younger version of John Winchester, appearing in a dream Sam (Jared Padalecki) was having. For Padalecki, having Cohen back on set was a fun little family reunion, even if only for a scene.

“I love Matt. ‘Supernatural’ is such a unique show because even though he hasn’t been on the show in five years, we still see each other several times a year,” the actor tells Zap2it and a group of outlets on the “Supernatural” set. “He’s a buddy, he just became a dad. Most of the time when they call cut, we’d be like, ‘So what’s going on? How’s the baby? How’s the wife?’” (more…)

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2015/10/25 Matt Cohen Interview with Seat42F

Best known for playing Aiden Dennison in the teen drama South of Nowhere and portraying both John Winchester and Michael in Supernatural, it wasn’t long before we Matt had a huge following. He currently partnered up with Creation Entertainment and travels the world meeting fans through conventions and entertaining them with karaoke, panels, and even meet and greets. However, during his off time he can’t seem to stay away from acting.

Matt just signed up for a arc on the ABC hit drama, How to Get Away with Murder (HTGAWM). Matt will be playing Levi Sutter a mysterious character coming into the mix as Rebecca of lawyers who are focusing on helping others while keeping themselves out of jail.

In a recent phone interview, Matt, spoke about his acting background, what it was like working on shows that made him a cult star, and his latest role on HTGAWM.

Growing up you had excellent grades, played football, studied business – I wouldn’t have guessed that acting would be in the cards for you. How did you get into it? (more…)

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