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Best known for playing Aiden Dennison in the teen drama South of Nowhere and portraying both John Winchester and Michael in Supernatural, it wasn’t long before we Matt had a huge following. He currently partnered up with Creation Entertainment and travels the world meeting fans through conventions and entertaining them with karaoke, panels, and even meet and greets. However, during his off time he can’t seem to stay away from acting.

Matt just signed up for a arc on the ABC hit drama, How to Get Away with Murder (HTGAWM). Matt will be playing Levi Sutter a mysterious character coming into the mix as Rebecca of lawyers who are focusing on helping others while keeping themselves out of jail.

In a recent phone interview, Matt, spoke about his acting background, what it was like working on shows that made him a cult star, and his latest role on HTGAWM.

Growing up you had excellent grades, played football, studied business – I wouldn’t have guessed that acting would be in the cards for you. How did you get into it? (more…)

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