Nov 25, 2015
‘Supernatural’s Matt Cohen chats family and being back on set

Supernatural fans caught their breath when Sam Winchester awoke to none other than Young John Winchester at the wheel of the Impala. Vision or not, hot actor Matt Cohen can make a guest appearance any time and have viewers gasping with joy. Besides touring the Supernatural convention circuit, he has been busy with his role on How to Get Away with Murder and raising his seven month old son alongside his wife actress Mandy Musgrave. This South Florida raised actor is best known for his roles on Supernatural, Criminal Minds, The OC, NCIS: LA, and the filmography goes on.

Q. Supernatural fans were thrilled when Sam woke up to find you at the wheel of the Impala. As far as fans are concerned, you can appear in the brother’s visions ANY time! What was it like back on the set? Any shenanigans?

A: “It was a real whirlwind being back there only because I was coming off of an all-nighter on the set of How to Get Away with Murder and then shooting all day on “SPN” and going straight to a SPN Convention. I was only in Vancouver 19 hours from the time I touched down, went through customs and permitting, did a wardrobe fitting, hair and makeup, paperwork and contracts, rehearsal, shooting, dinner, sleep and back to the airport. There were sadly no shenanigans because there simply wasn’t enough time to screw around and make quality TV. I loved being back. Everyone everywhere knows that SPN is my family. I would work on that show for free and without lines just to make an appearance for the fans. It is all love for the fans doing what we do on that show and it is because of the love in return that we are still around 11 seasons later.”

Q. I read that you have a film in the works called Liquorice. You play the role of Bentley Edison (what a name!). The brief IMDB description says that it is a mystery/thriller that centers Absinthe? WOW. Sounds like an adventure to me. What can you share about your role and the film?

A: “I can tell you this: If the creative team behind Liquorice gets off their butts and makes this thing it is going to be great. Twisted and super stylized, edgy and ferocious, pretty much sum it up. I look forward to rolling cameras eventually.”

Q. Supernatural conventions are like no other—they feel more like family and friends hanging out than any other con. After ALL these years, what are the cons like for you?

A: “I welcome new comers to cons, or CON-VIRGINS as I like to call them, by saying “Welcome to the “Supernatural Circus,” and I mean it. We take pride as a cast to deliver a show that not only entertains the fans, but ourselves, Creation Entertainment, and everyone involved on both sides. If we are not having a good time doing what we do then why should we do it? The guys and I really like to make each other laugh and that’s just what happens. When we crack one another up, then in turn, the fans see something funny, and it’s just that simple. Have fun or go home!”

Q. What’s life like as a father? My baby girl is in college and for the life of me, I can’t figure out how those 21 years went by so fast.

A: “It is delightful and difficult and everything in between. There is nothing like having a family. There is nothing like watching the woman you are in love with make a baby, make a miracle! It is one hell of a ride and I am only seven months in. Time is flying by, but I am taking it all in. It is the most important thing that I have ever been a part of in my life.”

Q. I have a ton of geeky readers and we all would like to know if you are a fan of comics. If so, what is your favorite comic book series or super hero?

A: Silk by Robbie Thompson and nothing else.”

Q. OK, last question: Do you happen to have any hidden talents?

A: “I am a great motivator. I have struggles in my life and the only way I can push through them is to motivate others. It really is quite selfish.”

Source: Examiner

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