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While the star of the latest “Supernatural” episode — “Baby” — was undoubtedly the Impala, there was one familiar face that surely delighted longtime fans of the series.

After last appearing in Season 5, Matt Cohen returned as the younger version of John Winchester, appearing in a dream Sam (Jared Padalecki) was having. For Padalecki, having Cohen back on set was a fun little family reunion, even if only for a scene.

“I love Matt. ‘Supernatural’ is such a unique show because even though he hasn’t been on the show in five years, we still see each other several times a year,” the actor tells Zap2it and a group of outlets on the “Supernatural” set. “He’s a buddy, he just became a dad. Most of the time when they call cut, we’d be like, ‘So what’s going on? How’s the baby? How’s the wife?’” (more…)

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Matt Cohen (Supernatural) has signed on for a recurring arc on ABC’s How To Get Away With Murder. Cohen will play Levi, described as a sexy, edgy working class guy. The character will be introduced in the second episode of Season 2. For now, Cohen is booked for three episodes.

How To Get Away With Murder, created/exec produced by Pete Nowalk and executive produced by Shonda Rhimes, part of ABC’s Shondaland Thursday night, was last fall’s standout series. The legal drama broke DVR records and earned a best actress primetime Emmy and Golden Globe nomination for star Viola Davis and a guest actress Emmy nom for Cicely Tyson.

Cohen. repped by Pakula/King & Associates and Lane Management Group, joins recently cast Kendrick Sampson, who also is recurring. How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 premieres Thursday, September 24 at 10 PM on ABC.

Source: Deadline

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Dallas / Ft. Worth, TX Metroplex devotees of the TV series “Supernatural” have reason to celebrate September 21st through the 23rd. The Winchester Brothers are coming home to Texas for a visit. Texas natives Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) and Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) headline Creation Entertainment’s Salute to “Supernatural” this weekend at the Westin Park Central Hotel (12720 Merit Dr., Dallas, TX 75251).

Joining Padalecki and Ackles in the festivities are fellow “Supernatural” stars Misha Collins (Castiel), Mark Sheppard (Crowley), Richard Speight Jr. (The Trickster and Gabriel), Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester), Sebastian Roche (Balthazar), Chad Lindberg (Ash), and Gabriel Tigerman (Andrew Gallagher). They will be meeting fans, signing autographs, and participating in question and answer panels.

Activities that enthusiasts can look forward to are Dick & Matt’s Karaoke Kings Party hosted by celebrities Richard Speight, Jr. and Matt Cohen. A duo photo op in costumes with the actors will be done during the party. (more…)

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“Supernatural” fans know Matt Cohen and Amy Gumenick as the young John and Mary Winchester, a (usually) happily married couple who were torn apart by demons meddling with their sons, Sam and Dean. Though John and Mary are both long dead at this point — RIP — an indie movie is set to reunite them. Sort of.

Matt Cohen and Amy Gumenick, who played the young versions of John and Mary in two different time-travel episodes, are certainly fan favorites, especially given their regular convention appearances. Now, Zap2it can exclusively reveal that they’ll hook up once again for “Evicted,” written and directed by indie filmmaker Brendan Raher.

In “Evicted,” Gumenick stars as Amy Jeté, a morally bankrupt TV producer who discovers she’s being evicted… from existence. Literally. Cohen plays her boyfriend, Scott. It’s Gumenick’s first feature role, though she’s had roles on shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Grimm.” Cohen is best known for his work on “90210” and the very underrated “South of Nowhere.” (more…)

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By borrowing a book from one of the audience, actors of CW’s cult hit “Supernatural” acted out one of the steamy scenes in the hugely popular erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

The cast of hit TV series “Supernatural” paid New Jersey a visit in a convention for the celebration of the TV series last weekend.

The actors Richard Speight, Jr. (“The Trickster”/Gabriel) and Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester) discussed their roles in the series but with the request of the fans, the two acted out one of the scenes in the erotic novel. Matt Cohen is doing the acting while Richard Speight is reading the book. (more…)

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