Aug 23, 2017
Kings of Con: Richard Speight Jr. says season 2 will happen once it finds a home

The Kings of Con will live on… it’s just a matter of where.

The digital series, from Supernatural‘s Richard Speight Jr. and Rob Benedict, follows fictionalized versions of the actors as they travel to various fan conventions and experience what it’s like to be rock stars in the convention world… and normal people in the real world. In the show’s first season, which streamed on Comic-Con HQ, several Supernatural stars stopped in, including Misha Collins, Kim Rhodes, Matt Cohen, Jensen Ackles, and Jared Padalecki. Along the way, the show gained a faithful following within the SPN Family. And that’s why Speight and Benedict are already working on season 2, even though it’s yet to find a home.

“Comic-Con HQ is no longer doing scripted content,” Speight says. “So now, we are going to go out and try to find a new home for the show. We’re going to do it, we just don’t know where.”

Some Supernatural fans took it upon themselves to launch a petition to get the series on Netflix, which is currently on its way to 15,000 signatures. “There is an audience for this show and an audience that is growing and we just have to find the platform that is a good match,” Speight says. “There is a huge market for programming that embraces fandoms. For years, fans have been mocked for being fans. The whole idea of being a Trekkie, the whole idea of being socially quirky enough to want to go to conventions — that has been the stereotype and it couldn’t be further from the truth. I know, I see them every week. These are normal bright people who have an intense passion for something I happen to be involved in. I don’t think there’s anything strange about loving a show so much that you want to meet the actors and be with people who share your passion. The fandom’s been getting the short end of the stick for years.”

Confident in the show’s future, Speight and Benedict have started writing the second season. “We left season 1 in a bit of a cliffhanger in a meta moment with Rob and Rich deciding they’re going to make their own series about their life in the convention world, and that journey is really really fun in terms of where that goes,” Speight says. “Also, one thing we do this season is dive into more the supporting characters, like Kurt Fuller’s Maury and Kim Rhodes’ Sue and obviously Matt Cohen as Matt. We’re going to give them more to do because we have such amazing actors in the show we want to utilize them more.”

Now, the only question is: Where will the story unfold?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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